UEFA EURO 2020 PREVIEW Hobby Sapiens Binder – INT. EDITION + Inner Cover


HobbySapiens® ULTRA LUX INTERNATIONAL EDITION Binder for Panini Euro 2020 Preview – Softcover album (Hardcover album does not exist).
Suitable for one full or one empty softcover album – all editions.

Hobby Sapiens® Inner Cover for Panini UEFA EURO 2020 PREVIEW SOFTCOVER ALBUM:

Every HobbySapiens® Binder has a laser engraved unique serial number.

The subject of the sale is HobbySapiens® product/s without a Panini album.



UEFA EURO 2020 PREVIEW Hobby Sapiens Binder is inspired by the European continent, the First European Championship’s 60th year anniversary and the fight to hold the European Championship, which was delayed because of the coronavirus, and have the balls rolling again throughout the continent in 2021.

We use top-quality materials for our Binders: Italian Eco-leather, solid wood, plush for binders’ interior and safety strips.

Hobby Sapiens Binder in your home

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