FIFA World Cup USA 1994 Hobby Sapiens Binder – MEXICAN EDITION


HobbySapiens® ULTRA LUX MEXICAN EDITION Binder for Panini World Cup USA 1994 softcover album.

Suitable for one full or empty softcover Panini album – all editions.

Hobby Sapiens® Inner Cover for Panini FIFA World Cup USA 1994 SOFTCOVER ALBUM:

Every HobbySapiens® Binder has a laser engraved unique serial number.

The subject of the sale is HobbySapiens® binder without a Panini album.

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FIFA World Cup USA 1994 Hobby Sapiens Binder is inspired by the Mexican version of the Panini album and the famous Mexican footballer Luís Roberto Alves dos Santos Gavranić, also known as Zaguinho.
The map of the USA with cities hosting the 15th World Cup will enhance your memory of the unforgettable moments of this legendary World Cup and inspire young generations to get to know more about it.

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